The Manchester Regional Police and Fire Pipe Band (MRPF), is located in central Connecticut. Established in 1953, the band was patterned after the tradition of the great Scottish military regiments and continues these traditions by wearing a military-style uniform and sporting the Hunting Stewart tartan.

Main Contact

Kevin Kerchaert, Pipe Major
MRPF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization | 06-1514875

Join Us

MRPF keeps a rigorous parade schedule throughout the year and attends memorial services for both police officers and firefighters regularly. We welcome both experienced bagpipers and drummers, as well as beginners of all levels.

Those interested in learning the pipes and drums, or performing with the band, may apply at any time.

Hire Us

The Manchester Regional Police and Fire Pipe Band is available for parades, performances, and special events. MRPF can be contracted as entire pipe band, or as small groups (3-5 pipers and drummers).
We can accommodate if you are seeking just one or two bagpipers for a special occasion.